I just have to share pictures of my beautiful garden where my lovely roses are in bloom. I love them! Both for their looks and the smell. It is so fragrant outside right now it's insane. Roses and jasmine makes a great combo. 

Other than flowers, the day have been super calm. I started it by working a little. We have so little to do now when the semester is over and there are no courses to promote. Later I took a walk in a calm and cool forest (only 22c today) with June then made a yummy salad for dinner with taboulé, carrots, chicken and mozzarella. While preparing I was listening to one of the books I have to read for one of the courses I decided to take over thr summer: romance novels through the last 200 years. We basically have to read 10 different books and compare them. Not too bad of a course to take during summer. ;) 

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