Summer, is that you?

It's almost summer weather here! We had 27c in the shadow today, lovely! I finally could wear my new jumpsuit all day. Or well the part where I didn't do garden work. I mowed our lawn for the first time this year, was really needed! Now it's aalmost looking good. It's not really that green anymore.. People who have dogs will know! 
We also fixed the fence, finally. June have been sneaking over to the neighbors garden for the last week and it have been so frustrating. So we went to Castorama on Monday and then fixed  it in the front yesterday and then in the back today. But we really need to buy a completely new fence on that side of the house in the future. The one we have now is really starting to rust. 

For lunch I made a green juice, kinda like the one below, just with no lemon, grapes or cucumber, but instead with more apples, kiwis, ginger, kale and spinach. It was yummie! Kinda sour but with a hot kick in the end. I really recommend getting a juicer. You can make any yummy mix of juice you can think of. I'm looking forward to watermelon season! Want to make a watermelon and mint mix for extra hot days.. Yummm.

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