Families on an Adventure

I found a fun or interesing swedish show about families living abroad and they're all in different parts of the world and all in different stages of their "new lives" abroad. It is a lot of fun to watch it as a swede living abroad, even tho I live in a European country that is similair to sweden in many ways.
At the same time I share many of their feeling son leaving Sweden, on finding a place that you feel like you fit in to and also all the annoyances of the new country and things you miss from Sweden.
This show is aboud families however, so it is not really applicable to me as I am the onlyone being a foreigner in our house, Fabi and June are both French so it is really only me having these experiences, where as the families in the show are all Swedish leaving their everyday life behind. But it is still fun to watch and see how they did it, compare and get inspired. 
It's also kinda fun that some of the people in the show are in the same facebook group as me, so I get even more detail. :)
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