Mes Héros

Spent this rainy evening watching a movie. A french movie even! I really should watch more french movies... I tend to love them. And this was no exception!
The story is based around Maxime, a middle aged man from Paris who drives an Ambulance (the french version which is more like patient transportation).
The movie starts with him getting a call from the police in Bordeaux. His mom is in prison from biting a man (why she did this you will see in the first scene). The mom is really the most central person, even though the main character is her son Maxime. She is a colourful lady with strong opinions, so so typical french in my eyes. 
You then get to follow Maxime, his mom, dad and Timoko, the boy she is trying to save from deportation. 
The movie is really heartwarming, but also brought on a lot of laughter from me. It is really funny and beautiful in a really french way. It makes me wish I lived in an old bohemian house in the french countryside... 
So if you can find a subtitled version of it...see it!
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