Frost and ice

Last week we had a few days with freezing temperatures. Lots of frost and ice in the forest when I went on a walk with June. But still no snow! And now we're back up to 10+ degrees again. Oh well! Let's hope for an early spring and summer instead.
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Music for the soul

The Avener, or Tristan Casara. is one of the best recent musicians I love. Evry single song he made or remixed/reworked is amazing. Hopefully this is availible in other countries than France. 
My favorite songs are "Fade out Lines", "Lonely Boy", "To Let Myself Go", "It Serves You Right To Suffer", "Window to the Sky" etc.
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What we eat normally

Oven baked sweet potatoes with olive oil and rosemary.

Or WOK in our new wok pan. Usually with chicken and some kind of noodle to go along with the veggies.

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