It's wet, rainy and windy. Not too cold but still, time to be inside and cozy up by a heater. It was first advent yesterday, but I didn't decorate the house yet... Need to get it done this week! 
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The Public

One night me and my sister had dinner with our adopted sister (and Kattis best friend) Jenny. We went to The Public, a cozy restaurant in Sundbyberg. As always the night was full of girltalk, laughs and love. I am so happy that Kattis have such a beautiful best friend <3
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Art and Wine


Before I went to Sweden in October we had the biggest event! All day long we welcomed new members, talked about what we do and drank lots of wine. 
By the end of the day we were all kinda dead, but satisfied with the day. However being on your feet all day, having no break and only wine and canapés isn't recommended. :p
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