Weekend working

I spent most parts of yesterday working, walking the dog and watching streams. I was in such a mood of creativity and working that I actually worked yesterday just to get things done. I really want to work away the things I can so I can focus on online relations and keeping better statistics rather than just making posts, but there is a lot to do. We only have about 1-2 months left of courses before the summer break at WICE, so I started planning and scheduling all posts for those courses on Hootsuite. Usually we keep a 2-3 week margin, but I figured I could just start now and edit the ones that might get cancelled or rescheduled later and focus on new strategies for brand awareness instead. But the thing that takes the most time is really coming up with creative little texts for all courses... yesterday I wrote about anything from Alzheimers to American persidents. 
I am also walking June alone all this week, which always takes at least an hour out of my day. I enjoy it though,  its been nice weather and the forest is so pretty in spring/early summer. But it also means that I have to take a break around 3-4PM to go walk her as that is when she starts to get too much excess energy. 
And at night I keep watching my weather streams... weird I know, but it is really interesting! Yesterday I saw at least 5 tornadoes touch down, but it was a little scary at the same time. One of the tornados were kinda big (EF3-4) and ended up killing one and destrying several homes completely. And at anoter ocation the guy I was watching was driving in a storm with a rain-wrapped tornado (you cant see them coming) and the last thing we saw was trees going vertical and him yelling "OH GOD OH GOD" and then the stream disconneected, Urgh... But he was fine luckily, however his truck wasn't. They got hit my massive debris and got 2 massive branches impaled trough their windshield. 
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