Invalides and work

On Thursday me and dad went into Paris with mom as she was spending another day at Roland Garros. I also had a brief meeting at the office before we walked over to Invalides and visited Napoleons grave.

It was quite nice there, but the guards seemed a little confused. We could enter the other museum on our ticket as we were looking for the bathroom, even though we only had a ticket for Napoleons grave... Anyway it was nice and calm, but cold and windy. Its been around 20 all week, but next week it will finally reach 30! 
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Crêpes and castles

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A new fence!

My parents like to give useful gifts. And since it is Fabi's birthday in a week they gave aomething like a new fence in the front! The best dad in the world installed it and made it look pretty. Then he and Fabi drove to the waste center and dropped off all tree branches. It is soo light and airy now, love it!

That its been 23c in the shadow today didn't make the day worse! We have been working in the garden the whole day. Tomorrow it's back to buisiness with a visit at the office followed by a visit to the Invalides. 
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