Too much at the same time

Phew. This is one busy week. Monday is my planning day, I prepare and plan all posts for the week. Then we also had a late marketing meeting from 7-9.15PM. I also emailed back and forth with my school regarding the internship. If they only made it easier!

Yesterday I had to catch up on everything I didn't have time for on Monday. Then I got a call while eating dinner that the company want me for the internship! So the fate is in the hand of my school...

Today I have been on the phone since I woke up. I even forgot to eat breakfast. Basically my school suggest Erasmus agreements, as I can then do it outside of my course, but still have it as a bonus in my diploma. Hope it works out! 
Then I also have to finish our meeting minutes as I volunteered to do that, and then finish the Social Media spring strategy, and contact my insurance company for a proof of insirance etc. phew

Preparing a lot of new posts!
Updating our schedule.

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