I went into Paris for another meeting today, this time with the Optimization Team. We had an extra nice meeting, I bought juice for everyone and Leslie brought fresh macarons. 
We also discussed the current weather situation. We had all looked forward to the Solar Eclipse this morning, but since the pollution was so heavy you couldn't see anything! Apparently the warnings are at max, 9.8/10 on the scale for most part os northen France. Why you might ask, well it's thanks to Belgium spraying chemicals that got caught in the air and now pollutes our air. THANKS A LOT! >:(
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#1 - - Christine&Paris:

Jag löste om det där! Var säkert samma sak förra året, haha. Är säkert Frankrike som gör det och skyller ifrån sig. Och så säger de att det är "klimatförändringar". Jo men tjena.