Adventures and sore throats

This week has been fun. So this weekend I sent in another application for a job here in Paris. This Monday they contacted me, then Tuesday I had a phone interview and then Wednesday I met with them in person. It all went very fast. Yesterday they called me back, but I wasn't there to answer in time, but he left a message and asked me to call back today. I did call once, but I think he was busy or at lunch. 
Anyway, let's hope it goes well and that I have a new job by next week! 
It will require long days, but it is a job I love doing so I'm sure it will be fine! 

And to top of that, it is finally spring in Île de France! Above or around 15c all next week and 18c on Sunday! Perfect for the weekend! 

In our garden.

My mega sleepy sausage dog! 

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