Our garden is full of flowers at the moment and so is the forest. Spring is really beautiful here in France. Soon our Mirabelle tree will bloom, then the lilac and after that the roses and lavender. We're never without flowers from mid March - July. 

So today we havr nothing planned. I'm gonna work away some before next week as I want to take one day to go to La Defense. If we had better weather I'd like to go to Jardin des plantes.. But we barely touch 15c and I'd like at lest 17-18c.
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Some songs

Two songs that have been popular for a couple of months here in France now:
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Snooze day

I haven't been feeling great since yesterday, just the typical cold where you feel like your head is not on your shoulders and your energy is at zero. 
As I did not have too much to do today I made it a sick-day. I just want to get better and I'm not up for being sick again. 
So I spent most of the day in bed, with my Macbook or just an audiobook in my ears, snoozing. And it's fine. It's raining outside for like the first time in 2 weeks so the gloomy weather helps me relax a bit more. 
Fabi is out walking the lady Snoop, I just started a machine of laundry and enjoy the complete quiet for a while. 
Hopefully I'll be back n track tomorrow again.
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