Brace yourself for "la canicule"

After having a fever for two days I really wanted to take advantage of today. Since we "only" had 29c today I went to the forest with June and played with her there for a while. Then me and F went to Carrefour to stock up on food (and ice cream) before the heatwave starts tomorrow. It will stay around 35c for at least a week now, with the nights only reaching a low of 25c... Urgh. 

We also bought an inflatable pool to have in the back. Yay haha.

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Beautiful night

This weather is silly. From 33c yesterday to 25 today and then back up to 30 tomorrow to then stay around 36-40 all week.. No wonder I have a fever. 

It is a nice night anyway. They sky is beautiful and full of trails from the planes passing over us. Fabi is playing italian music and I'm just sitting outside watching the sky and talking to a cuddly June. We'll see when I go to bed. I slept and spend most of the evening in bed already, so even though I'm tired from the fever I don't think I could sleep yet.

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I cant sleep and spend my time in bed listening to Harry Potter. Just checked the weather and got kind of chocked. 37?! 35, 36, 35.. Woah? 
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