When you want some peace in your life:

Put it on a medium volume and scramble and enjoy. 
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Busy Busy Busy

I have so much to do the next couple of weeks. It is the end of the summer courses I have been taking, which means 2 big essays due on the same day. I will however try to finish one in good time before another. I also have shorter articles to write and have to keep working on Social Media for WICE, luckily I have much less work to do for them now as we are on holiday until September. 
I kinda wanted to continue working on my little side project, but I just can't put time for it now. At least not until I feel comfortable with spending time on it, cause when I start I can sit and tinker with it for hours and hours
Hopefully I can complete it after the essays are due and before I go to Nice. 
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Alpha Park

Yesterday me and F went to Alpha Park for dinner and pool supplies. We only managed to find chlorine and water quality testers. Everything else was sold out... Not a single fishnet or dispenser was left so we had to get a dispenser with product in it already. They also didn't have any protective lids left so we will have to use a simple plastic sheet for now. Then we went to eat at Tommy's, as usual. Fabi had his usual Black Angus Pulled Pork hamburger and I had a salad. It is full of green salad, salsa, guacamole, cheese and chicken breast. Soo yum! 

Fabi stole my sunglasses. So hot ;)
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