Few updates

I'm sorry for not updating anything the last week or so. My phone is dead so I had no pictures and no inspiration to write. On top of that I have 2 10 page essays due Thursday and a ton of work to do before we start our fall semester at WICE... 
The last week have been nice however, we went on a lot of midnight walks as it as quite hot (around 25c at midnight) and just nice and calm. I also spent soe time in hte pool swimming and cooling down. And the reason for our nightly schedule was mainly The International 5. Basically the world cup in Dota 2.It's a yearly event so we don't wanna miss it. The only problem is that it is held in Seattle, so it messes up the sleeping schedules for any eauropean that wanna watch the games. It started at 8PM our time and finished around 4-7AM so kiiiiinda late. 
This week I am gonna focus 100% on my essays and then I'll have time to calm down before everything starts again in September...175% yay! They also expect it to get hot again (35+) and be a week full of storms. Love it!
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