All at once

So this week was supposed to be my week of catching up on things after my hectic week of studying last week, as well as preparing before I head down to Nice with my sister. Well its been a shit week rather. I got all kinds of crap after stressing and being so tense. So first I got my period, then I got sick with my throath hurting like hell and then yesterday I strain my back while streching so I can barely keep my head up. YAY.  Oh well I can't just be in bed. I have to go into town and get my phone fixed today. I also have to fix my tan, wax and pack. Doing all that with a broken back won't be an easy task, On top of that its bucketing down rain and its only 17c outside. Can't wait for some riviera sun now!
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Decent morning

We've had a weird night. I am trying to turn back my hours to normal so I woke up at 22. It was almost still 30 at then. The temperature didnt go below 24 once! Even after we got a little rain...
Then around 2 or 3 June started going crazy outside in the garden. We usually keep her inside at night since she is guarding the house and barks at anything she doesnt like (like people she doesnt know, cats and hedgehogs). And well, what did Fabi find? A hedgehog! In the garden! Usually they just pass on the street at night and June goes crazy at them. Now it was in her home so she tried to bite it... Didn't really work! So Fabi went outside and picked it up with a shovel and let it out on the street. It still looked fine (it was in a ball) so no worries. June hurt herself more than the hedgehog. 
Then around 7 I went out for a morning swim. The pool is almost 24c now after the last days of heat, so it was really nice just lying in the water watching the sunrise... I also kinda wanted to take the opportunity to enjoy it since they predict storms all afternoon/night! There are already massive thunderstorms passing only 50 km from us.
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I'm just kinda in love

...with this album! It have been what I've played all summer long! And for god's sake, go buy it if you like it, don't listen to it for free on YouTube.  
Buy it: Amazon
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