Autumn is here?

I must say, that it is slightly funny how it was Mabon yesterday (first official day of fall), and all of a sudden autumn came to Ile-de France...
This Saturday we had 28c, sure it rained and stormed some, but it was still hot. Then, yesterday, boom! Cold! And rain and the air feels "cold" and smells differently.. It smells like autumn. Sure, it might still say 18c on the thermometer, but you still have the feel of autumn. 
It is rather sad in a way. I love autumns. But I also love French summers, and I never really got the feeling of a hot hot summer this year, like we got the last few years. I don't feel like I'm done with the season yet.
That makes me feel sliiightly jealous of my mom who went down to Sardinia this weekend, together with her tennis-ladies. Italian sun and beaches would be nice! Too bad we have a lady snoop (a dog) that we can't just leave... 
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Re-organizing furniture

I bought a new make-up table for the bedroom! It cost me 19.99 €, well since I had 99.99€ on my groupon account already.. Nice! But it is good. I spent all night yesterday putting it together. It is a double desk, the bottom part can be pulled out to make the workspace bigger.  I didn't move a lot of my makeup, hair-styling products, perfume etc yet since its not done. Need to buy a mirror, a stool and a small drawer. 

At the spot where the makeup desk is now, one of these bookcases stood. It really didnt match the rest of the room. We also had one upstairs... So it kinda made sence to move them to the office.. 
Where we were desperatly lacking storage space.

Looks pretty good! Its nothing fancy, but at least it's functional! 

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Maison Clétois

There are so many different kind of houses in our neighborhood. It it just the ones built around the 70s that look similar (alps-style). The rest are like individuals, like humans, some are tall, some are tiny, some are cute and some really really old...

A tall, slim house! 
A veeery tall roof..

Wide and classic.
Traditional and cozy.

Small and cozy.
All together...

Old and traditional.
Hidden away.

Tall and dominating.
Typical house.

Old, beautiful and forgotten...

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