Mickis and Carro in my livingroom, drinking some bubbly and eating cheese. 
Official visit to the 

Dinner - duck in honey and spice. 
Late night at Le Ballroom. 

Another day in Paris after 3 hrs of sleep.

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Hello June!

So now we know that our June is the little pupy with a purple collar! She looks so tiny and cute! She is also a little smaller than her siblingsm but that is ok! :D
We will go take her home on saturday! Also, tomorrow I have 3 ladies flying down to Paris from Stockholm for some shopping and fun for a few days! :D
 Now, time for bed, night!
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Typical french breakfast? Kinda? Well this is what I had today in front of my PC, watching the new serie Resurrection. Coffee, brioche, strawberries and juice.
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