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Thunder and football

So this week started with monsoon rain and thunder... I love it! I get all hyped up and run around the house trying to see all the lightning. Best spot is upstairs, through the skylights. There you get a view from south trough west to north. Problem was we were surrounded by 3 storms at the same time. One giant violent one by Versailles, one west of us over Plaisir and one south of us moving towards us. So I had to run up and down to be able to look both east and west. Oh well. It rained a ton, we had golfball sized hail and lots of thunder. Lovely! I filmed most of it as well, I will post it on youtube eventually.
My iPhone cant catch the lightning! 
Our forest path was blocked... The heavy rain/hail and wind was too much for many trees.

The rest of the week have been sunny and nice. It really feels like summer now, with the sun and the world cup in football. Go France! 

Yesterday we watched the first game, where Croatia and Brazil played. I wore my france football shirt the day to mark the occation.

Today we will go for a shopping trip to Alpha Park, where we plan on finding a new computer mouse at Cultura and some snacks for June and the animal store.

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Hot and humid makes focusing hard

So summer retured to France. Hot and humid, no wind and thunderstorms at night. I usually love this kind of tropic weather, but having a big website project due today meant all week spend inside. Well most of it anyway. And working when its 30c, all windows open and no AC means its hard to focus. Phew. It is done anyway and all I have left is to write a report... 

Meanwhile I'm missing the nice weather. :( I wish I could just lie in the garden with a nice audiobook and soak up the sun! 

My jasmin bush starting to bloom for the first time!!! Ofc June bit in to the branches with the most flowers, which means they are almost dying...

The olive tree almost in bloom.

Last nights cold dinner: Mediterranean Tabbouleh with cherry tomatoes, mozzarella, ham, pumpkin seeds, feta cheese and garlic. Yum!

And work work work!

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