View of the day, our bedroom window. I managed to strain my neck this morning. Boo. At least I managed to catch up on Teen Wolf. Wiho... 
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This Sunday afternoon I spent in the garden, cutting flowers, grass and cleaning the driveway etc. 

I'm happy with the result and so is June! 

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France, Sweden, Ireland, Holland pt.3

I'm currently waiting for some updates and addons for Skyrim to install, a game I looove but haven't played for a long time. It is time to update it a little. Better graphics and so on.
While doing that I might as well update here and post the last pics from the weekend our friends came to see us!

We had brunch at our local crêperie La Ferme de Diane. 

Then we took the local bus to Versailles to look at the castle and gardens. But 10 seconds after we stepped out of the bus it started raining like someone turned on a shower. We were totally drenched! And on top of that it cost 9€ to enter the gardens and the queue to the castle were about 1km long... and we only had one tiny umbrella. So yeh...we were soaked.

But we made it fun anyway. We went into Versailles town instead and had warm coffee and dried up a bit before we took the bus home and ordered pizza and watched the World cup final. 

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