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Saturday night

We ended up going over to Alpha Park tonight again! We have walked there a lot the last few months. Anyway, we had a long discussion about it vefore we went. Fabi wanted to go eat at McDo since they have the McFarmer atm, one of his favourite burgers. I, on the other hand, did not feel like hamburgers... I just wanted to eat tortilla chips with dip for dinner lol... But that would require mr    F or me to go to the supermarket instead... And that cant be done tomorrow, since the store only is open in the morning on sundays.... (Typical annoying-france moment). But what eventually solved it was me remebering the NatureO store at Alpha Park.. Its a food store with all organic/ecological products. Surely ill find some dip there! And it is right next to the animal store as well, so we could go look at stuff we need for June.

Said and done! 

This is what we have for her so far! A bed, some puppy friendly toys, a blanket for the ride home and for her to snuggle with and finally some treats and dental sticks!  

In the darkness on our way home I also spotted this tree. FLOWERSS! Hurry spring, hurry!!

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29 March

So, some days ago i told you bout June. Well, now we met her! June is our little puppy we will be able to bring home in the end of March. Both me and Fabi are longing for that day like crazy already, constanly reading about what we need, looking at what we need to prepare etc. 
June is a Beauceron, a french breed from the area we live in basically (or around here anyway). She and her 10 siblings were born on the 1st of February at a breeders home in Les Essarts-le-Roi abour 20 minutes from us, which is perfect. This week (monday) we went to see her, and they were the cutest litle fluffballs ever! 
 1 week
 3 weeks
 3 weeks
When she grows up she will be a big dog that needs a lot of love and exercise! When she is older, she will look a little more like this.
 Blesk, June's father
Beauceron info: 

The Beauceron is the largest of the French sheepdogs. Though almost unknown outside of France, the Beauceron has a long history. It is a very old breed developed solely in France with no foreign crosses. It is thought that a passage in a manuscript, written in 1578, is the first specific mention of a dog of the Beauceron's description.

The Beauceron was a general-purpose dog. Worked and selected for a very long time, the Beauceron was used to drive and protect the herd (Sheep or Cattle), guard the house, and defend the family. Originating in the plains region surrounding Paris known as La Beauce, the Beauceron is also known as Berger de Beauce (Shepherd of the Beauce) or Bas Rouge (Red Stockings). The Beauceron is closely related to it's long-haired cousin, the Briard or Berger de Brie.

The Beauceron was also used by the French army. Their ability to follow commands without hesitation was well utilized during both wars in Europe, where the military used them on the front lines to run messages. Beaucerons were also used to pick up trails, detect mines and support commando activity. Today Beaucerons are still used as military dogs as well as police dogs.

Since the Sixties, the Beauceron's popularity has grown in France. But it wasn't until recently the breed has become known outside of France. The Beauceron is gaining in popularity in many different countries.

This athletic, healthy and long-lived breed has been bred to be intelligent, calm, gentle, and fearless.
Adults are typically suspicious of strangers and are excellent natural guard dogs. On the other hand they typically take their cue from their handlers when it comes to greeting strangers, and are neither sharp nor shy. They are eager learners and can be trained to a high level. However, their physical and mental development is slow, relative to other similar breeds (e.g. German and other large shepherds): they are not mentally or physically mature until the age of about three years, so their training should not be rushed. Several five- or ten-minute play-training exercises per day in the early years can achieve better results than long or rigorous training sessions.
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