The Sims

I got to try the The Sims 4 Create-a-Sim DEMO today, which was a lot of fun, and very advanced! I made a cute girl, her husband and his sister. You could only make young adults, so I couldn't explore the genetics system fully.
Then I also saw the front page with the Sims 4 campaign, that I of-course had to sign up for! I'm already hyping for the release! Not far away now! Wiho! 
Anyway, that made me in a the Sims mood, so here are some pics of houses I made. 
How it looks when I start. 
How it looks when the main frame is done and the outside is ready. I like to make a nice garden and patio area that compliments the house and the location of the house. Here the house got an amazing sea view, so it is open towards it. 
The house with furniture inside.
The front of the house.
View from the bedroom lounge.
The bbq area.
Another house.
Back of the house with a big patio area but also just some free grass as there is childern living there who need somewhere to play.
The pool area.
An office with a view.
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