l'Orient Express

I'm taking a break in my studies to write a little here instead. I just had a thought after playing a game called The Raven the last few days. It is set in the mid 1900's in a kinda Poirot detective story where you have to help find the master thief The Raven. The game starts in Paris on board the Orient Express and then takes you to Venice where you board a luxury cruise ship to Cairo. It kind of made me miss the whole part of the vacation where even the trip were enjoyable and an adventure on its own. Today a trip is mainly just A -> B in a few hours rather than in the old days when it could be A -> B -> C -> D, where you took the train, with comfortable cabins and restaurants, and/or a ship with hotel standards and then after maybe a week you reached your goal. You had maybe one or two months off for your vacation trips, rather than one week here and there. You had more time to have an adventure of a lifetime, rather than just a few days to soak up the sun.
Maybe I'm just romantisicing the whole experience, but I guess I am also the kind of person who wouldn't hate if some things were a little slower than they are today.
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Rain rain rain

From no rain for like a month, to constant rain this weekend. It is kinda cosy, I have an exam this weekend so I'm sitting in the kitchen in silence listening to the rain outside, while I'm writing my thoughts on 19th century architecture and art. 

Only problem with the rain is that June doesnt want to go outside... So making her do her business is taking a while. 
It also makes her more energetic as she is only inside most of the day. Today she woke us up at 6am... I fell asleep at 12.30, so 5.30 hours is what she gave me... Thanks honey! Just what you need during an exam. 

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From running to cripple

Went running in the forest with June yesterday. Afterwards she was super tired! But at least we had fun. 

Today I hurt my back while playing with her tho, so I'm walking like a 80 year old... Boooo. 

So today we rest. 

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