It is already september and the weather this week is awful. It feels like autumn... Sad but at the same time I love fall. It's my fav season, the worst thing however is that it means it's soon winter and soo so long until summer agin. 
I have a lot to look forward to this fall tho. In 3 weeks Christina, an old family friend, and my mom comes to see me for my birthday. Then after that week I will go back to sweden with my mom, stay a week in Stockholm, then jet off to Dubai for another week, then back to Stockholm a few days, then finally I'll be back home. I really look forward to it, at the same time I'm gonna miss home and mostly my Fabi so so so much. Hopefully he can come to Dubai too, but that still means 3 weeks away from our bed, our street and cute little town. It's hard, I love it here! And I love fall here, with the forest turning into yellow and orange, all the chataigne falling from the trees and the smell of burning wood will be back... Hopefully it's not all done when I'm back. 
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