Last night I had such a weird dream. It was a mix of a new dream and an old one. First me and my mom/dad/sister were looking at a new house that was completely insane. It had three wings made from glass. It was all in a 70s style with a lot of brown.. Then the main house was a rebuilt mansion.. Think english style in the 1800s..but with an interior mix of modern and 70s.  And there were a lot of floors with rooms and balconies and a roof top sunroom with skylights made from glass blocks.. Anyway, I liked it but was hesitant since the old house, from another dream, was so great. It was located at a top of a cliff with mileslong views over the sea.. Hard to beat! But then they told me that the new house had that too, it was just covered by a lot of trees that could be cut down, and it was only 14.000 £. So I was happy. Then later on me, my dad and my godfather were supposed to go back to look at it, we were in the car when a thunderstorm broke out. A massive thunderstorm with hail the size of elephants (!!!) falling everywhere. We had to drive racing style to avoid it, and we did, of course, but a lot of other cars got crushed. We finally made it to the house, and we had to check how damaged it was. At first glance it was ok, no holes. But then we noticed cracks and water everywhere. We all spread out to check around the house, and when 2 of us were on one side the house started to tip over! So I ran to the other side of the house and pushed the house up straight again. Tjat same thing happend again and again as we tried to make our way out... Eventually the house fell in over us and I woke up! :)

Weird? Told you! But still fun. It's like dreaming a movie.. 
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