I feel like the sleepiest person alive. I could just faint any minute. After being so stressed to just having nothing is weird. 
Tonight me and Fabien went out to eat at Chez Ennio, the best restaurant in our town. It is our 2 year anniversary (kinda), so we wanted to do something nice. We had dinner, me Lasanga and Fabien chose duck-leg and dessert. Then we went over to the local little movie theater and watched MUD, the only VO (original voice) movie in 2 months. It was kinda good, with a lot of actors/actresses you know. But in a more alternative setting. Best thing is that the tickets are only 5 euro, half the price of what you pay in the bigger theaters, and it is not like the quality/comfort is any worse...
Now I'm waiting for Fabien to read trough and spellceck my paper...zzzz. let me sleep.
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