Impressions of far

Ok so two random thing happened today, first;
maybe 50 or 75 gigantic snoflakes fell from the sky, even though it is not THAT cold outside, and it is late late march. 
the recycling truck was driving like a crazy mfer in REVERSE down the road. Luckily this street is only busy twice a day, around 8AM and 5PM :) 
Mentioning that, I have brought it up here before, but I really do love how the garbage is handled here. The household trash is picked up twice a week, tuesday and saturday. Another truck pick up recycling material, such as plastic bottles and paper every thursday. And in the warmer half of the year a truck picks up garden waste every wednsday, Oh and they also pick up larger items every second moth on the third thursday. Ideal for elderly people or people with out cars! 
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