Tour de France

Me and F spent.. Well at least 1 hour in front of the living room tv watching tour de france. Then my mom called and I got stuck on the phone instead.

Today was the first etape (part?) Whatever you call it... And they were biking on Corse. It is beautiful there! No where I'd like to live, but amazing for a holiday trip. Mediteranean sea, good food and beautiful nature. Calmer than the côte d'azure and a more relaxed style of life.

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F bought cherries. I love cherries. Now he's a little mad cause I couldn't wait to eat like.. 1/3 of the package. Omnomnom. 🍒

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It seriously feels like its early morning or late night from the muffled light outside... completely grey, rain and boring. I'm just gonna walk around in my sweatpants, drink coffee and watch series all day... 
I have recently started watching Lost, which I've never seen before. And I love it! Perfect dose of sci-fi, mystery and action. 
But then again I also wanna watch some girly Bachelorette and Say yes to the dress. With love and pretty dresses. Iih.
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