Sheep and superglue

So, apparetly our neighbor across the street have gone and bought two sheep. It started 2 weeks ago during the heatwave, that it kinda smelt like "horse" or a barn when we passed out on the street. Then another day I heard what I thought was a "baaahh" when I sat in the office with the windows open, facing the street. Then I just kept hearing it, but Fabi thought I heard wrong, cause who would get sheep in a suburb? But then today we got it confirmed as both Fabi and Bruno peeked over the gate of that house.
So yes apparently he have 2 sheep in his garden.I have no idea why, since I don't really speak to him (he is kinda creepy), but either he wanna make his own cheese, wanted a special pet or his plan is to have a big barbecue... It is kinda funny though how we live in a suburb 30 min from central Paris, and some people treat their gardens like it is a farm. Some have the entire garden full of vegetables and fruit plants, another neighbor have chicken and a rooster...and now one with sheep...It is kinda cute to hear the "baaaaaahh" now and then however. 
And it kinda became an inside joke amongst me and F, and now also our friends, whenever we hear something weird we say; Where's the sheep?" or stuff like that.. pff. at least I was right!!
We had another silly incident today as well. F's glasses are broken in the frame, and since he is to cheap, or whatever reason it is, to get new ones he fixed them with glue and some thread... Well, today the thread had come loose, so he was gonna put some more glue on them. The problem was that the superglue had glued shut in the end so he asked me to help pierce it with a needle... Said and done. Problem was that when the needle entered with force, out came lots of super glue...all over my fingers. And even though I ran imedeatly to the bathroom, it still got stuck everywhere, of course!
So I spent almost an hour trying to get it off. It really feels weird and wrong to have like a second layer of "glueskin" on your hands.. ew. So I used nailpolishremover and a nail file and forced it off...ouch. 
At least his glasses are fine now!..
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