I've been so happy today and yesterday! Yesterday morning I got an email that told me that I got accepted to the french course! Finally I can actually study it some. I will study several other things at the same time, but it is nice anyway.

Right now I'm super tired. Feels like I'm gonna drop any second, even though I woke up at 9. Maybe I'll have some coffee and then do something fun. Like playing The Sims or watching some series. Think there is new episodes out for Top Model Britain and Say Yes to the Dress.

The other hours of this Saturday have been spent oiling on the back again. Still not done, but almost. Got the back of 4 doors left and one window.

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Shoes and other things

I want new boots! I know exactly what kind, but I can't find the perfect pair to the right price. Kinda like the ones below, just not ones that cost 200 euro... more like 35. Maybe I'll find some in Sweden when I go there. The ones I have found in France so far have either been too expensive, or they didn't look right. At Kiabi they all had bling on them?? It looked like something for a 12 yo... 
Left one I like - Right one, not so much
I also just saw that the dress I've been drooling over the last few months finally is back in stock at ASOS in the color and size I want, I even think I snached the last one! So I had to buy it, even though I really shouldn't.
I really wanted a dress that is mid-lenght, just below the knee, since most my dresses are way shorter. I also looooove green and think it will be great for fall/winter.
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I didnt eat much sweet the last weeks. But this morning I decided to have sweet cereal for some reason. Now my head hurts and my heart races. Urgh. Trying to make it go away by drinking lots of water.... Stupid sugar rush!

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