Visit from England

Becki came to see us at the right time, the entire week it was 20c+.

We went to the Versailles castle park and tanned and picniced.

Picnic at champs de mars, ofc.

Like every one else in Paris.

Lots of wine and drinks outside a restaurant at 10pm in March, can't complain!

Ended up next to the guitarist in the Strokes and then the former Dior designer, Galliano walked by with his boyfriend and dog.

Sunset walks in the heat.

Even the trees in our garden started to bloom in late March.

And the neighbours..


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Jardin des Plantes

In March we also went to a kind of Zoo, where their main focus is rare and endangered animals. It was nice and sunny and around 20c the whole time.

The flowers and trees in Paris are 2-3 weeks earlier than the trees outside the city.

Exotic garden.


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Paris at Night

Here is some pictures from an evening in March where me and Fabi went to La Defence to have dinner and then buy a crepe as dessert under the Tour Eifel.


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