I'm sitting outside in the backyard right now getting some sun. Its really warm and no wind. Can't really complain except for the faint smell of cat pee, too many cats in this neighborhood! Hopefully my marble white face and chest will get some color. This is the first warm day after the last 3 days where we had colder nights which resulted in the days only reaching about 10. The thermometer is showing above 30 right now, but its in the sun so can't really trust it. To set the mood even more I'm playing some 60's rock music. Niiice. The only thing disturbing me is the train in the distance and the small private planes from the airport in Villepreux, the small village next to ours.

Yesterday me and Fabi spent in La Defense. We got there at 15 or so cause we wanted to have dinner and not sooo much shopping. I did however end up buying some basics, a new spring jacket, 2 basic t-shirts, a cardigan etc. Then we walked around some. The shopping centre, La Quatre Temps, in La Defense is really big and nice. They have a lot of stores in all price ranges. We went into H&M, Zara, GAP and some other stores, but they also have Lacoste, Tommy Hilfiger, Guess, Levis, American Apparel etc. So a wide range. They also have Zara Home, which have so many adorable items! Need to go back there!

Anyway then we went to eat, they have a lot of restaurants on the top floor, but we chose the grill restaurant Hippopotamus and had an Entree and a main. It was really good, except Im not a big fan of entrecote, so I should have chosen something else I guess.
After the meal we took the metro to the Tour Eiffel to see the light show it has every night after dark. To this we had the dessert, crepe while watching the lights in the sky. Was reallly nice!

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