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reminder to self!

I'm posting this recipie here cause I really feel like making it!

Sara’s Scrumptious Strawberry Salmon Salad


1 bowl of mixed baby greens

½ cup of corn

4 sliced ripe strawberries

1 tablespoon of feta cheese

1 grilled salmon topped

Handful of chopped tomatoes

Balsamic dressing


Grill a piece of salmon in a pan, stovetop. Meanwhile, add all ingredients [ except salmon & feta cheese ] in a big bowl & mix balsamic dressing in. Place mixture on a plate and top salad with salmon & feta cheese.

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Mail from Sweden

Just got the marks and opinion of my final essay. I passed wohooo!!! They graded from 1-5 and my average score was 3, you needed at least five 4's for a top grade, but I'm happy with my result!

They said it was ambitious, clear systematic presentation but that I need a larger vocabulary. Pff.

Anyway, tomorrow is the exam for the first course of Political Science A. We have two days to complete it, but they removed all the info from the website so you can only use the books. It will be fine though. At least I feel calm about it right now, since it will be about political ideologies, which I know pretty well. Except maybe the ecologism...
Study more there I guess!

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