Pardon, I'm terrible with the updates

It's been almost a month now since Fabi came to Uppsala. The weather was awesome the first two weeks, 25-30c almost every day which resulted in not many things done. We spent most of the time in the appartment avoiding the sun or out in the park tanning and relaxing. We did however go into town and shop and also went to the movies; X-Man First Class.

We spent the Swedish National Day in Stockholm.


We waved at the king!

After some weeks we went to Stockholm and my parents house for a few days then we went to the summer house at the west coast for almost a week during midsummer. We had lots of fun with the family and friends with lots of drinking and eating. I think we ate at least four times a day. Time to go on a diet maybe? ;p

Now I'm in France anyway. We left this morning from the summer house to Landvetter Airport outside Gothenburg. We came there a bit early but we checked in and it all worked fine. Landvetter is a really small airport though. Not many shops, so we got bored pretty fast. We did eat some hamburgers however and bought magazines and some swedish candy. Then we went to the gate. But since the plane to Berlin (crazy late bohemian ppl) we had to change our gate from 20A to far away as possible almost.. But it was still fine. We were on time and the trip went fine. I aaaalmost saw the summerhouse when we took off, then I saw Smögen and its beaches. We got a small tuna-sandwich on the plane too. And a crazy drunk frenchman in a pink shirt in the seats next to ours. He kept talking to Fabi and he got a bit annoyed by it but it all went fine. :P Then we landed and got our bags pretty fast. The HEAT in Paris was insane!!! 33c when we landed and soooooo heavy and humid air. But we went on the trin all the way from CDG to Les Clayes with som changes in between.

On the train from CDG to Les Halles (?).



But now we're finally here in the house anyway. So since we arrived I've unpacked, we went to the store, we ate dinner (Salad with mozzarella and some cold meat) and then relaxing and random things. Tomorrow will be another day of relaxing. It won't be as hot tomorrow luckily since its been a huge thunderstorm most of the night, which brought some cool air. But it wont get cold, just cooler.

Now I'm gonna go sleep. Bonne nuit.

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