Along with the rainy and cold weather in France i got a cold. It started a little on thursday then it hit me fully on friday and is still bad with my nose all swollen, a voice that sounds manly and headaches. So not much happening right now. We went to the store yesterday though, but I was out of breath halfway there already, maybe time to take some more asthma medicine... And the biggest issue is that they don't really have the same kind of nose spray here in France. They're more into the menthol and herps thing in hot water... They did have one though, but it's not as effective as the Swedish ones... It doesn't remove the swolleness, but it does help alittle. But the menthol HURTS in the infected nostrils. :( Oh well better than not being able to breathe.


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Tourist Fridays

On the train to Montparnasse.

Eifel Tower seen from Trocadero. SOOO much people. GAH!

Trocadero fountains.

Massor med flaggor i stan dagen efter nationaldagen!

Ladurée- världens godaste (och dyraste) macarons!

The livingroom with the huge fireplace and stuff.


The backyard terrace looks kinda boring after a week of rain..

Men humlorna trivs!

MEN så började det regna IGEN så jag fick gå in.

Imorgon blir det mer Paris.

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Pics from last week

There's a big lavender bush at the backyard from which i pick flowers for the kitchen!

Last tuesday on ou way home after watching Harry Potter at Les Halles!

More last tues..

There's a lot of sales going on at the moment, I stepped into a store where they had a lot of clothes on sale + pick 3 pay fo 2 on all the sales products, whick was even nicer, so i bought this blazer and 2 white shirts with lace etc.

14th July is the french national day. We cocidered going into Paris to watch the parade, but after spending the entire wednesday in town we didnt feel like wakign up at 8 nor being in the crowd seeing so little of the parade... So we had a biiiig french breakfast in front of the tv. I did however fall alseep after a while cause he parade was sooo long...

Parade is about to start...

Fabi bought a Tassimo Coffee machine! It works perfectly and u can make all kinds of coffe, hot chocolate and tea in it!! :D

Now, GN! And I will add more pictures soon from our friday being tourist!!
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