fridays in paris

This week went by fast! We didn't do that much, but we hung up the x-mas lights at the porch. Yesterday we went to Carrefour and bought some stuff. We had no idea what to eat so we just walked around a little and finally settled on italian meatballs and fresh pasta, and chicken for today. Since none of us really drink much wine, but like it in food I cooked the chicken in wine with some garlic and onions and then added the leftover pasta into the pan. Turned out ok!


Yesterday we also saw a hedgehog on the street not far from the house.

It was so cute i wanted to take it home! I even touched it a little. But oh well. I'm gonna add some pics from my phone now too, I didn't transfer them until now. They are't really perfect pictures though, since I took them with the phone...

The roses i got from Fabi when i arrived! And the designer Dala horse and traditionel flag he got from me.

My breakfast, Chai Latte and a "compotte" with apple and chestnuts (kastanj). It's really common to eat chataigne here. There's deserts, compottes and even in yogurts... I really like them, taste a little like gingerbread dough but not sweet.. Thats the only way I can explain it.

Waiting for the train to go into Paris. In the mid-day they have a 30 min schedule. (typ pendeltåg)

Hotel de Ville, the city hall, by night.

Seine. After we went to see TinTin 2 weeks ago we walked from Les Halles to Jussieu. Long but nice walk.

Notre Dame.


Now I'm getting really tired. We're up reaaally late today for some reason. Fabi just got invited to the closed Star Wars MMORPG beta and listens to nice calm music. I'm in bed with the mac with the tv on with some golf in the background.




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