Tommy's Diner

We went to Tommy's Diner several times in the spring. Well we go there once a month at least usually. They have good food and good prices. A home made burger costs between 9 and 16 euro (with fries etc). Thats literally just a couple of euros more than McDo... So when the desire for a nice burger gets too big, Tommy's is the place to be.
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Brace yourselves, Spring is coming.

As the weather nerd I am I was quite fashinated this spring. The central French spring weather is quite similair to the central American spring weather, with the hot sun and southern winds mixed with the cold and wet air from the atlantic cooking up some heavy storms between April-June. These bring all from heavy rain and thunder to golfball size hail and tornadoes. 
We had storms popping up form nowhere all Spring, which many times came randomly during a walk. Once I got so drenched while I was in the forest that not a single piece of clothing was dry, my makeup was gone and my hear dripping as I just came out from a shower...
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Last Episode in France...

Lets start in March and move forward!
We ended with the crazy snowstorms that kept happening all through March and even April. It was a cold and slow spring compared to earlier years. 
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